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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Precious moments

     This one photo captures so much for me. It's what happens at the end of every day for JT. Our bedtime routine consists of brushing our teeth, JT making a mad dash to his room to "hide" from John I, choosing books for each of us to read,and kisses/prayers. At that point, John leaves and JT will always ask, "Mommy can you sing me some songs and stay for a while?" I always respond with a "Yes of course sweetie."
     I'm sure some of you reading might think that I'm spoiling my little guy or that my four year old should  go to sleep without his Mommy by his side. Perhaps, but with JT being our last child and having over a 16 year span from oldest to youngest, I realize that these moments pass so quickly. The time that my son will want nothing other than his Mommy will fade. The stories, the songs, and snuggles will all too soon not be needed. Why rush it? So I can get back to the duties that being a Mom requires, a few extra minutes in front of some type of screen, or than extra 10 minutes in bed? All of those things can wait.
     The time that I spend with JT as he falls asleep is typically 5-10 minutes. To be able to watch that sweet face fade away to sleep is priceless. Most parents know just how angelic their children look when they are sleeping. The hectic day, the tantrums, messes, and struggles all don't seem to matter as much when looking at that innocent face peacefully sleeping. I get to experience that every night and as much as JT loves it, I do as well. Trust me friends, cherish these quiet moments, the requests for one more song, hug, or kiss. I know that before too long the request for me to "stay for just a few minutes" won't be asked. So for now, I sit and hold that soft little hand every night.

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  1. This is beautiful and makes my heart melt. I watch my girls fall asleep almost every night and will never, ever tire of it - especially on those nights that I need a reminder that the little monsters are actually sweet angels just trying to learn how to grow up!