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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Road trip to ATL

     This past weekend the Apedaile crew hit the road and headed southeast to Atlanta. We were headed there to finish up Courtney's club volleyball season with Ethos. There was a regional tournament being hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center and volleyball teams from all over the southeast were playing.

Family Selfie as we headed out.
Courtney and JT ready to go!

The most beautiful sisters- just missing their oldest sis.

As we headed through the mountain/hills near Chattanooga, all we could see was miles of beautiful green trees.

I can only imagine what autumn looks like!

Crossing the Tennessee River.

 It happened pretty quick, but I managed to snap a partial shot of the Georgia state sign. A new state to all of us except John.
That evening we met up with 3 other families from our team and went out to dinner. JT was loving all of the attention from the girls.
 Lauren, Courtney, Madi, and Hannah Grace all go to 4 different high schools, but the bond these girls made during the season was incredible.
After the first day of the tournament, the entire team and families went out to dinner.
Lindsay and JT were ready to go!

JT was quite the charmer this weekend.

The team and Coach Sara (lower right corner), and of course JT all sat at one table.

They also managed to have some fun at the dinner with Channing demonstrating her version of the Gun Show. I love Caylee's reaction behind her.

Lauren showing the love for Courtney.

Outside after dinner. It was a beautiful weekend- perfectly warm weather.

I love this shot with half the team cracking up over something. Probably over the fact there was about 6 Mom's standing in front snapping photos.

The ladies of 16 North Ethos

JT was so adorable that a few of the girls asked to take photos with him. He called the girls "The Sisters" all weekend long. JT and Ruthie.

 JT and Caylee.
Downtown Atlanta as we headed to the tournament.
I'm guessing this is where the Olympic flame burned when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics.
More of downtown as we walked to the Georgia World Congress Center.
JT was so cute and brought what he calls his Lightening McQueen "trailer" and his Mr. Bubbles for the trip.
JT gives Atlanta a big thumbs up and can't wait to visit here again and do some more sightseeing.
Lindsay and Courtney just outside the tournament venue.
Some of the yumminess JT enjoyed at the Cheesecake factory.
He was quite the character as you can tell. He enjoyed this cake for 2 days it was so huge.
JT making a call on a somewhat old fashioned phone in our hotel. I think he was making his reservation for our next trip here.

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