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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fun for parents and kids in Atlanta

     After we finished our team dinner on Saturday, the girls all headed back to the hotel to hang out together. So we decided to have a bit of non-volleyball fun ourselves. After looking for something like a miniature golf course we explored the greater Atlanta area and did find one- what seemed to not be in the best part of town. When the first 3 spots of the parking lot are reserved with large signs for Metro Police, we took that as a literal sign that was probably a place we didn't want to hang out at after dark. So we did a bit of searching and found a fun (and safe) place to hang out for the evening.

The name says it all. Fun for big and small here!
First we played my first ever 4 way air hockey. Fun, but not nearly enough air for the puck to glide across the table.
John, JT, and Lindsay raced in NASCAR video game. The guys took the checked flag in 1st place.
The other full family game- a virtual pirate ship game where we commanded the ship and shot all of the bad guys trying to steal our treasure.
Lindsay discovered a mini bowling game.

The best deal of the night for the games- a hunting game John played for at least 15 minutes on a single play.
 Then it was time for the real fun to begin- go karts!
 We started out putting on hair caps. What exactly am I looking at? No clue!
 Stocking cap on and ready for his helmet.
 Getting strapped in.
 It was hard to hear JT talk in his helmet so a thumbs up worked just as well.
 Apedaile ladies looking good and ready to go.

Just about GO TIME!

 I signed up for a double rider kart in the junior track for JT and myself.
 Lindsay was able to ride solo on the junior track. She could actually drive on the adult course since she has her license, but we all wanted to ride together.
 Strapped in and ready to burn some rubber!
 Lindsay approaching the turn.
 JT absolutely loved it! He thought he was driving the go kart since he had his own steering wheel.
 The karts in the junior section go about 35 mph and they slide when you make sharp turns. SO MUCH FUN!
 You can see how much fun JT is having in this photo.
Lindsay had a blast!
JT was declared the winner after we finished. This activity is something we will be looking for in our area we had so much fun! Looking forward to trying the adult track where the karts typically go about 55mph.

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