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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big 4-0

     Coming to the realization I was about to turn 40 was a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around. I physically feel really good, I feel young at heart, no major maladies to report of. It's just a number that sounds a bit BIG. Hello middle age, so nice to meet you.

     I started out my first day in my 40's much like I do most every day of the week- I woke up and got my morning workout in. Currently completing T25,by the way, and loving it. Need to stay healthy inside and out. After getting my sweat on, a quick shower, I just sported a hat and went to the store with John to get a few errands done. Our family had some plans for later in the day.

 Little did I know that my awesome crew of 4 would be working on a little surprise for me when we were gone. I was greeted at the back door with the kids yelling Happy Birthday and Sarah capturing my surprised face on the camera.
 I was totally taken by surprise by all of the lovely decorations that hung from every corner downstairs. Balloons, streamers, signs, and a few Mylar balloons gave the house a very festive look and feel.

JT approved the decorations.
The kids even surprised me with a special birthday hat/crown.
All of this festiveness brought to you by these 4 amazing kids!

We then headed downtown to Maggiano's. Here is where that morning workout pays off!

Our table was in the front of the building in a semi sunroom with lovely views of West End.

 This girl came hungry! Trying her first fried zucchini dipped in aioli sauce. Yum!!!
The 3 sisters- sorry Lindsay for posting this, it's the only one I took!

 Luckily, Sarah took a more flattering photo of Lindsay with me.
JT started out with a pepperoni pizza, but after a few bites, he decided he wasn't a big fan of the flatbread version of pizza.
Our waiter quickly converted it to mac and cheese. It was basically an alfredo sauce over a ziti like pasta. JT LOVED it!

I was even given a special plate of lemon cookies with a little candle.
Birthday wish number one. Looks like JT was trying to help me blow out the candle.
Once we got home, it was present time.
JT, in true fashion, wrapped up something to give his Momma.
One of his favorite trucks! I love this photo. Usually for every birthday JT will select and wrap up one of his toys to give. I love that it demonstrates that it's about the spirit of giving not what you get.

Then I opened a few gifts from the girls. I was SO excited for this gift!
A butter dish!!! We've been without one and I've been searching for one. Clearly the girls have been paying attention to what I say.
I was also gifted with a beautiful scarf and a huge measuring cup! I've never had one this large, excited to use it to whip up my latest Pinterest creation.
A special gift from my Mom and Aunt Cathy.
Aww.. how beautiful!
Look at this beautiful engraved box!
What was held inside was a beautiful necklace. It's a tree, much like an old oak tree, that is sparkly with little gems. There is a silver medallion behind the tree that is engraved on one side with John and my names along with our wedding date and on the other side all of the kids names are engraved. It is simply one of the most thoughtful and precious things I have been given. I love it.
John decided to give me two gifts that were revealed in these envelopes.
Reading what one of my gifts are...
Seriously??? I won't reveal what my gifts are as of yet as they are in progress. I'll be sure to post an update when I get them though!
I also took a moment to talk to the woman who I need to thank for bringing me into the world, my Mom. I came into the world in quick fashion, 2.5 hour labor and I'm sure I've been keeping her on her toes ever since then. Thanks Mom for being my source of love, support, and friendship these past 40 years.
Cake time! I made myself a yummy vanilla coconut cake. John was kind and only made a "40" with my candles and didn't literally place forty candles on my cake.
Still quite a few on the cake to illuminate my face in darkness.
Oh my am I really 40?
Wishing for another fantastic 40 years on this earth to share with my beautiful family.


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