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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SRVA Tournament Day 2

     Day two started at a much more agreeable time for the 16 North team- 11am. Plenty of time for a great nights rest and a good breakfast in the system. It turned into a fantastic day and the girls played some of their best games as a team. It was so exciting to watch them come together so strongly.

16 North ready to play 
 Courtney warming up
The girls are getting ready to kick some booty.
 When the warm up time for serving started JT joined some of the Dad's to shag the balls.
 It was one of his favorite tasks and he proved to be a true mascot all weekend.
 Ready to dominate!
 High 5's
 Our #22 in action
 Meagan setting up for a hit.
 Ruthie, Caylee, and Lauren are ready to attack the serve.
 Concentrating on her serve
 Kaitlyn on the attack!
 and again!
 Hannah Grace at the net
 Love these action shots
 16 North for the win!!! *Score is on the left side of the photo.
 Good game ladies
 JT was so excited with the win that he ran over to the huddle to congratulate the team.
After a brief break, we headed over to court 48 for our next match.
 Meagan getting ready to attack
 Go Meagan!!!
 Something I noticed over the season is when the team scores a point, Courtney almost always has a big smile. I was finally able to capture that moment this weekend.
22 in flight
 Courtney and Lauren getting ready
 Lauren passing that ball!
 Courtney also had a few great blocks during the tournament.
This match ended up going to a tiebreak 3rd game. 16 north ended up losing by 2 points. It was heartbreaking to see the season end, but I can't say enough just how hard and well the girls played at SRVA. It was the perfect culmination of 5 months of blood, sweat, and tears.
This season couldn't have been possible without THE BEST coach. Sara came to our team in the 12th hour, but it was obvious from the start that is was simply meant to be. Her passion, experience, and dedication to the team had such an impact on and off the court. Thank you so much Coach Sara, the ladies of 16 North, and the wonderful families that helped make this season possible. Many lifelong friends were made this season and I look forward to seeing these young ladies grow.

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