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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SRVA Tournament Day One

     Day One of the Southern Regional Volleyball Association tournament was the largest  tournament our family has ever been to. It was also the first tourney that we travelled to outside of our local area. When we arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center, we knew this was going to be BIG.* Photo dense post*

Volleyball as far as the eye could see. Closest shot to give a slight idea of just how massive the playing area was. We were in the exhibit hall area, I believe it was 3 halls that were open into one large area. There were 48 courts with games being played from 8 am until at least 9pm on day one. In most areas, the courts ran 6 deep with the central area for officials, first aid (which we visited quite a bit ourselves), and vendors along the perimeter.
Our day started early with the first game stating at 8am. Courtney was ready to get going and started warming up against the wall.

Even during warm ups Courtney gives it her all.

Channing getting ready for the day.

Ethos 16 North getting ready for the first game of the day. Courtney somehow often would forget to High 5 Coach Sara, but I captured this time when she called her out to make sure she remembered.

Our libero Ruthie. For the non-volleyball people reading this, the libero position wears a different colored jersey from her teammates and only plays in the back row and is a defensive specialist.

Courtney up for the hit.

Hitting on the other side of the court.

 Our tallest player, Hannah Grace serving.
Ruthie, Lauren, and Courtney ready in the back row.

Coach Sara calling a timeout to refocus.

Kaitlyn hitting it hard over the net.

Our setter Madi, getting the ball ready for Courtney to hit.

I love seeing her in action.

We played 3 games on day one. The girls all gather and chant "1,2,3, kick butt" while stomping their feet before each game.

It's the little things- I love seeing the girls encourage one another with their little hand slaps, or pats on the back. They will do it when starting the game, when someone subs in, or even when someone misses a shot as a sign of encouragement.


How high can the ball fly?

Lauren serving

The brief moment the girls can rest- right before our team serves.

Going up for the block.

Going up for the hit.

Looks like a kill to me!

Courtney serving.

Kaitlyn and Lauren in unison.

#22's  number one fan.

Going for a bit of cross court action with this hit.

Courtney can pass as well.

Setting it up...

 Just like in practice, Courtney gives it her all when trying to get to the ball.
Kaitlyn in action.

 Tons of action right at the net.
We finished the day with a team gathering for a moment of prayer and getting ready for the next day of play. 16 North didn't do quite as well as they had hoped, but ended with a solid win over their last opponent. More to come as the ladies headed into the Silver bracket for Sunday's matches.



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