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Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Elf on a Shelf

     We decided to jump on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon this year. It seems like it can add a bit of fun to the holiday season and a fun tradition to start mainly for JT.

     When we showed JT our Elf, we wanted some of his input in naming him. The girls, John, and myself had come up with a small bank of Elfish names and asked what should we name him? After a few minutes, he selected one of the names and added a bit of a twist- our Elf's name? Fiddle Ostrich. Yep, only a 3 year old could think to add something like ostrich to a name and think it's perfectly acceptable.

     Since then, Fiddle Ostrich has been spotted about the house keeping an eye on all things good and bad. Most of the time he's perched in a silly spot, but usually on the weekend he's known to be more creative in his antics. Here are some highlights of Fiddle Ostrich thus far.

Fiddle Ostrich made his grand appearance in the manger. The central focus on the Christmas season for our family, Fiddle Ostrich wanted to partake in the manger scene.

At the top of the kitchen cabinets.

On this morning JT decleard, "Fiddle Ostich!!! You are so silly!"

Fiddle Ostrich was doing his best bungee jump over the poinsettias.

On top of the speakers in the living room.

Ready for a spot of tea.

Reading the Bible- turned to Luke2.

Hanging out in JT's stocking.

On the back of the TV

On top of our mantle display(sorry it's blurry).

Fiddle Ostrich- at the top of the tree- after he TP'ed our Christmas Tree.

     It will be fun to see what else our Elf can do in the last week on duty at our house.

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