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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Q-Tip Art

     Time for some more Christmas art! This time another version of the Christmas Tree. This time, the kiddos decorated their trees with various colors and q-tips.

 All that was needed- triangle trees, paints, and q-tips.*Also plenty of newspaper to protect the table.

 Ella and Mason ready to make their tree full of ornaments.

 Ella making quick work with double handed Q-Tips.

 JT and Finn busy decorating their trees.

 Focused with using the red paint.

 Concentrating even more with sticking that tongue out- cracks me up!

 Finn worked on the bottom and top of his tree.

Ella admiring her creation.

Mason all smiles like usual.

 Finn's finished tree.

JT's tree- heavy use of the red as you can see near the bottom.

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