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Monday, December 3, 2012

Visiting Santa

     Before Thanksgiving- actually the day before- the Apedaile6 clan headed down to see Santa. We had heard some awesome reviews from some of my good friends about a particular store. We decided to take JT for his first visit. Yes, 1st visit at age 3 1/2. With the high prices of Mall Santa photos, it didn't seem worth the cost to take JT. That changed with the news my friends provided- Bass Pro Shop.

     Yes, an Outdoor World is where we took the family to see Santa. In a nutshell, it was fantastic! One of the big draws for me is Bass Pro offers a FREE photo with Santa. You can purchase additional prints, but you get a nice 4x6 print for free. Other bonus attractions such as crafts, coloring, fun activities that you will see below were what made our experience enjoyable.

When we arrived, JT received a Santa Pass. Similar to a Fast Pass at Disney attractions, you know when you will get to see Santa without endless lines. The employee was kind to give us the heads up that the line was currently taking about 20 minutes, so we could line up at 6:40 and have a minimal wait after 7pm.

Lindsay and JT coloring Christmas themed pages.

John introducing JT to a slot car track.

JT LOVED it!! He still talks about racing the cars at the store.

You'll shoot your eye out! 

Not really. It was a nerf gun type rifle. John and JT taking aim at some fake deer.

Courtney at the bow and arrow station.She was ready to shoot some ducks!

Lindsay channeling her inner Katniss.

The Train!!!

A beautiful train display.

I had a lot of fun with JT making the train go fast and slow around the track.

Then JT had a turn on his own.

The Santa village display was so cute! JT posing for me while we waited in line.

Was JT nervous about meeting Santa? Not at all! Walked right up and sat on the Big Guy's lap.

After asking for a truck pulling a boat- in store display that was right next to the line.(Great merchandising Bass Pro!), JT received a candy cane.

He also got a Bass Pro Christmas coloring book.

While we waited to get our photos printed, we browsed the store. JT loved the huge fish tank and the BIG Bear.

JT was roaring for several minutes.

He even perfected his curled hands/arms to mimic the bear.

Our free Santa photo. Perfect!

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