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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wacky Wafts

A couple of weekends ago, Sarah and 3 friends of hers entered the Wacky Waft race in Hendersonville. They are a part of the Interact Club at Beech High School- what that stands for I can't say :) Great Mom I am, huh? I know they do a lot of community activities and work to help people and animals, so that's a good thing!

What the kids had to do was construct a raft created out of whatever they wanted, then attempt to float it in the marina part of the lake with the 4 people, and then race against 2-3 other teams in different heats. Eventually it get to the top 4 teams and they then race one final time for the Official Winners.

The night before the kids decorated the raft with various sayings,drawings, and quotes. I wasn't sure if it was going to float or not with 4 adult size "kids" inside. That along with a cold front coming in with cloudy conditions and temps around 55 sounded miserable if they happened to sink. Sarah prepared with wearing warm clothes, bathing suit underneath, and a change of clothes waiting with me on the sidelines.

So the day of the race comes and their raft is in the 1st heat! The raft is pushed into the water and so far, so good- no water! All of the kids got into the raft and again, no water! Great!! They paddle out to the start line and Bang! off they go! They stroked and stroked and 'lo and behold they won the heat!!! So they wait a bit for the other heats to finish and they got to compete in the final heat against 3 other teams. The competition was fierce- last years champion consisting of 3 strong grown men, another all men's group with a really cool raft and then another I can't remember! The final race begins and the 2 men's teams just take off- nothing like strong men against a team of 3 girls and 1 boy. Their team ended up winning 3rd place easily and they won $50! They are going to use that money for another project for the club.

Afterward and they paddled back what do they do? They begin splashing each other with the cold lake water of course! So while their raft floated beautifully, Sarah ended up drenched and very cold. We dried up and got to the van to heat her back up. Here are some pictures from the event:

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