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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moon Walk

This past weekend we went to the Adventure Science Museum with the entire Apedaile6 crew. Fall break is in full gear and Sarah was home for a visit. I'll post more from our fun weekend, but I wanted to start here because there were some pretty funny photos. Probably more comical to me because I experienced it first hand, but hopefully they will bring a smile to your face.

JT saw this exhibit that is supposed to mimic walking on the moon and he was so excited to try it out. All geared up and ready for his moon walk with Sarah.

JT looked a bit nervous just before it was time to start, but he insisted he wasn't.

Immediately the laughs began.

The staff member said that if we wanted to float to lift our legs up and sit in our seat to go back to the floor.

JT walking on air!

LOVE this happy face!!!

Courtney and I then had a turn. We knew what to expect from watching JT and Sarah.

We felt more at the mercy of the staff member who seemed to control the lever system we were strapped into vs. making ourselves go up and down. It just added to the comedy of our 2 minutes of puppet life.

I made it to the goal of the other side of the moon to touch the astronaut.

Courtney and I laughed just about the entire time! From the straps digging into our inner thighs to the uncontrollable up and down motion of the pulley system.

Our moon walk didn't feel as graceful as I would expect, but it was a experience we won't forget.

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