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Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting current with Lindsay

Since my blogging skills have been,ah hem, lacking for a good while, I'm going to try and do a brief update on each of the kids. Doing big picture here, people. With a family of 6, there is almost always something going on, activity to go to or things to celebrate. The good news is I'm present and enjoying every one of these moments. The bad news is I'm not popping on here to chronicle these events. I'm trying to do better. Baby steps.

This fall, Lindsay had her Senior photos completed. Our good friend, Adam Wray, did us the honors of capturing Lindsay. After talking with Lindsay and Adam, we decided to shoot in Downtown Nashville. Lindsay literally stopped traffic.

As you can see, the results were fantastic! A great blend of street/urban and some natural settings. 

True beauty- Class of 2016

The girls at home also managed to attended our first University of Tennessee football game this fall. It was a campus visit for both Lindsay and Courtney.

They scored some free T-shirts and we also heard the Rocky Top song no less than a few hundred times that day. It was almost painful to admit, but that song/chorus is quite catchy!

We sported our Orange for the big game.

Lindsay also ran as Vice President of the United States this year.
Not quite ready to run the country, but she was equipped to run for her Honors Government class.

We celebrated Lindsay's 18th Birthday

For her Birthday party, we held a painting class at our house.

Beautiful sunflowers resulted from the party,

In early December, we had a big (to us) it was really quite small production crew come to our home to film Lindsay, John and myself. Lindsay getting her microphone on. It was  amazing to see just how much work goes into setting up for a basic interview filming.

Watching Lindsay during her interview. I was sitting in a small back entrance but careful to be out of her line of site so I wouldn't make her nervous.

Lindsay and all but one of the crew members. The 2 ladies on the left(and one not pictured) flew all the way from New York for this interview.

Then Lindsay received BIG NEWS!

She was accepted to University of Tennessee, Knoxville! This was the university that she was hoping to be accepted to and she was overjoyed to get this letter. Looking forward to Lindsay's last semester of high school and savoring every last moment of her at home.

Hoping to update more of the Apedaile kids very soon.

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