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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So far so Blue

Sorry I end up doing blocks of posts all at once or close together. I'd rather do a few when I can and JT is sleeping :) than not do them at all!

Now John Thomas "JT" is 3 1/2 months old- time has really gone by fast! He is doing really well with head control when he has tummy time and he talks like he knows what he's saying! That must be something he gets from John- he he!

We are still working on the whole eczema and reflux stuff. The cream really cleared up his rash spots quickly, but once we stop- which we are supposed to- it starts to creep back up a bit after a few days. The reflux is getting a bit better, but not totally gone. I have officially switched to soy milk and I am doing my best to eliminate any other dairy products to help JT. Cheese is especially difficult because I love it so much and there aren't any good tasting alternatives :( I have cut out probably at least 50-60% if not more of cheese and eliminated everything else dairy. JT will go in about 2 weeks for his 4 month well check, so we will see what his Dr. says about these things then.

Also for the title of this post indicates that JT's eyes are still blue! Can it be blue eyes for an Apedaile kid? I know his color could still change all the way up until he is 1, but for right now it's entertaining to see if they are still blue or trying to change to brown like the girls and I. I think they will stay blue like his Daddy, but time will tell.

Here are a few pictures from a photo shoot I did with JT myself at home last week. I just love digital cameras!!!

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