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Friday, September 4, 2009

On a Lucky Streak

Unbelievable as it is, we have somehow come upon luck related to major concerts for our girls. As I shared before, we won tickets to the Demi Lovato concert. Then just a matter of weeks later, we hit the jackpot-Jonas!
It started out the weekend before the concert when Lindsay was invited to come to the concert with a friend who has an extra ticket. Sarah and Courtney were excited for her, but were also a little sad since they wouldn't be able to go. Just not in the cards for us right now to buy tix for them to go, which they understood.

So 2 days before the concert, John was in the car listening to a Top 40 station, which he never does, but they had just changed formats on that station and replaced ESPN with the Top 40 hits. Horrible thing to do, BTW- we miss ESPN radio programming! Anyhow, he heard how they were going to give away tickets at the top of the hour. So he called me and told us to listen in so we could try to win. The time comes and we are all trying our best to get through, but all we are getting is BUSY-BUSY!!! Then I get a text from John saying: Listen to the radio. I replied:"The contest is going on right now silly!" I thought he was reminding me to listen. Next thing I know, I have Sarah screaming Daddy won, Daddy won!!! They were playing back the audio of when his call was answered for winning on the radio :) Cue all the girls flipping out, screaming with excitment. John was greeted with many hugs when he returned home from his errands.

So now all 3 girls were able to go to one of the biggest concerts of their lives so far. Another late school night, loss of voices from screaming so much and as many pictures they could take before the darn batteries died! Rats!!! Enjoy some pictures from another great night:

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