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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lovato that is. For those of you with kids, tweens, and teens. You are probably very familiar who Demi Lovato is. She starred in Camp Rock and now has her own show on Disney Channel called Sonny with a Chance. Anyhow, she is one of the Disney Kids, as I call them, who is singing and touring the nation this summer.

The girls all entered a contest at our local movie theatre to win tickets. Late last month, I received an email stating that my child won tickets and to call a number to "claim my prize." Honestly, I almost deleted the email and didn't call! I didn't know they had entered the contest- they went to the movies with a friend when JT was about a week old and I was at home. So I was thinking that this was some type of scam or sales ploy. Thankfully, I decided to call on a chance it was legit, and it was!

We won 4 tickets to the concert for Demi and David Archuleta was her opening act. When I told the girls- man the screaming that ensued was unbelieveable!!! They were thrilled to say the least. It was so awesome that we won and were able to go.

All had a great time! This was Courtney and Lindsay's first concert. Sarah's first was to a Hillary Duff back in Fresno- another example of a "Disney kid" :) Late night for a school evening, but I know to them, well worth it.

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