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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


JT might be young, but he already has some friends. He doesn't have a say right now, but we are making wise choices for our son right now :)

Over the past week, JT has had 2 friends come over to the house and spend some time with him.

Last week, our friends Joel and Elizabeth were packing their moving truck as they were getting ready to move to Ohio. While John helped load up, I took their little 3 month old girl, Amelia, back to our house for a few hours. This way everyone was able to fully focus on getting packed and loaded and Amelia would be safe among the men moving.

Then yesterday, we had Finn, 2 months, over for the day. His Mommy. Erin, is a dear friend of mine and we teach Sunday School together to middle school girls. Erin is an awesome lawyer for the State of Tennessee and she needed to go kick some legal butt! Once Erin returns to work full time after the holidays, Finn will be spending some time with us during the week. So this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship for JT and Finn!

The boys had a great day. I took some pictures when they were up at the same time to capture the moment. JT looks like a beast compared to Finn! Crazy to think in a few years how this small difference of 3 months will mean nothing developmentally. Right now though, JT looks like a giant about ready to gobble sweet baby Finn. Cheers to new friends!

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