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Friday, November 13, 2009

High Five!

Another milestone of reaching 5 months has already passed for the youngest Apedaile, JT. He's nearly 5 1/2 months since his busy Mommy doesn't make time to sit and write in the family blog often enough!

Everything continues to be going well for JT. He is still rolling over, though he's still a bit slow to do the tummy to back roll. He's done it, but not like he rolls from back to tummy. What's frustrating for him is when he's sleeping, he will roll on to his tummy and then wake up and not be very happy about it! He will proceed to cry, "snuffle" his face in his blankets, and call for help until I come to his rescue and flip him over. I'm careful to let him try to do it himself for a bit- making sure he's safe first- so he doesn't grow accustomed to needing help.

He continues to love his solid foods. He has had sweet potatoes and squash. When he has had these for the first time, he gives little to no reaction. For me, one of the things I look forward to with introducing solid foods and new tastes is to see that "sour" look on his face. I remember so clearly each of the girls doing so with their firsts, but JT apparently doesn't want me to have that memory of him. He is one cool dude I guess :)

In addition to him gaining some great strength in his tummy and starting to sit with support, our little boy has started teething! Poor little guy has been drooling like nothing else the past few weeks- to the point of needing to wear a bib or changing his clothes-, chewing on anything and everything, and just this week getting fussy at times. JT is also loving being able to sit in his exersaucer that Grandma and Granpa C. got for him when they visited this summer. A few days ago I was able to see the first hints of 2 little white "lines" of his lower teeth though I can't feel them through his gums yet. We have had a few issues during nursing of not treating the source of his food like some rag to clamp down on and pull on-OUCH! One of our new best friends is teething toys, Tylenol, and Orajel.

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