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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bye Bye Training Wheels

Today,we said goodbye to JT's training wheels! Long  overdue, we decided it was time for JT to be riding like a big boy. It was a beautiful day, so we headed to JT's school where there is a walking track with lots of grass surrounding it. Perfect for this overprotective Mom, who is used to several crashes when first practicing with 2 wheels.

 Sisters getting JT ready to ride

 JT was ready though he admitted he was a little nervous.

 Lindsay had the honor of giving JT his first send off as I wanted to capture the moment on film.

 JT did absolutely fantastic! Balance was never an issue. Every time we only had to give the starting push. My lower back was very appreciative. I think using the balance bike when JT was younger made a huge difference.

 JT does have some small navigation issues....

 Into the grass

 At least the crash was in the soft grass.

 The little crashes didn't phase him at all. Back at it!

 Thumbs up for a good job.

 Smiling all the way. Love his happy face.

 Discussing what to do for steering issues.

 Amazing the crazy positions kids can get and still maintain an upright position.

 Navigating the turns

 Mommy giving the starting push.

I think a few more practice sessions to help with steering and we will have a full fledged bike rider!

JT in action.
Go JT go!

JT's reaction after he fell down. Love his positive attitude!

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