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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Lover

   I've been trying to do my best and post regularly, but it's been a struggle. Traditionally, this time of the year is one of the busiest times of the year. Back to school, volleyball games for Courtney ( 2-4 days a week), JT's soccer (3 days a week), my work, John is almost always travelling M-F and any other odds and ends that pop up. Thankfully this crazy time is usually only from August- October. I'm in the home stretch of crazy town!

Through all of the craziness we have been able to get JT to one of his favorite places on a pretty regular places- the Hendersonville Library. Most of the time, it's been Lindsay taking JT to the library, which is a special treat, but I took JT this past weekend.

  JT has begun to love having chapter books read to him at bedtime. We usually read 1 chapter in 2 different books every night. In recent months, JT's favorite books are The Magic Tree House series and My Weird School series. On this visit, JT wanted to change things up a bit and he wanted to check out a Junie B. Jones book. They have been reading them in school and he wanted to have one to read at home. Taking JT to the library is so different than it was just a year ago- he has very specific titles, subject matter or authors he wants to find.

After he checked out his books, the max limit of 5, I thought I'd take a photo of him and his latest treasures. I love that he is developing a love of reading just like his sisters have.

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