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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lunch lady

This year, I'm getting the pleasure of helping out during lunch for the kindergarten classes. I'll be going once a month to help open up packages, containers, juice boxes, etc as these sweeties are figuring out how things work at school.

The school district has a new visitor check in system where you must provide and scan your drivers license and then this cool name tag prints with my photo, name and date. I scan the tag when I'm leaving the school to check out.

When JT came into the cafeteria, his face lit up and he waved so big and yelled, "Mommy! Hi Mommy!" We took a quick photo before it was time for me to help.

This is what a lunch with 6 kindergarten classes looks like- controlled chaos!

The kids have already learned in the first few weeks they raise their hand and one of the nearly half dozen staff/volunteers will come and help them. We even had some excitement during that day when a student lost his tooth while he was eating!

JT and his new friend, Brooks.They are in the same class together and Brooks lives just a few houses down from us! I think we will be seeing a lot of Brooks this year as JT talks about him every day and how they play together at recess. I'm excited to have a new friend of JT's that lives near us- I think we will have some play dates soon!

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