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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Visitors

We just sent off "Nanny" to return home to California after a nice long visit here with the family. "Grandma and Grandpa C." were here on their visit when John Thomas was 2 weeks old. We have had our Mom's/Grandma's here for about the past month in all. It was a wonderful time with each of our families, as we don't get to see them very often being so far away.

Not only did we enjoy being able to hug and kiss in person, the girls loved being able to share with them 1st hand everyday life. With having a newborn in the house again, our Mom's really helped out with things like making meals, cleaning, playing with the girls while Mom slept :) Thanks Mom's!!!

One extra special event happened while Victoria's Mom was here, she was baptized!!! While attending Sarah and Lindsay's camp share service, Leslie decided to take part in what we call believers baptism- being baptized after you have accepted Jesus as your savior. Leslie had made that decision long ago, but was never baptized. It was a wonderful, cherished time for our family to be able to witness that moment together.

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