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Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Months

In getting caught up with the business of the Christmas season and life, I have not made enough time to make JT's official 6 month post until he is almost 7 months! Bad Mommy-LOL! I think he will forgive me though.

JT is now half a year old and John and I often say, where is the time going? He's growing up so fast! I look back on the photos from a few months ago and he has grown so much. He was so little! I know that he's still little by all accounts, but the growth he's had in just 6 months amazes me.

He has tripled his birth weight, now just a hare under 19 pounds, grown more than half a foot to just over 26 inches, and now can eat fruit,veggies, and nibble on the occasional finger or two :) JT is now sitting unsupported. Being able to do this has been a big milestone for his happiness. He can now happily play with toys circled around him while I do something like prepare dinner. Before he was stable, he wasn't very happy lying on his back or tummy for long periods of time. He was by most accounts, a "momma's boy"- he was most content being in my arms or sitting on my lap. Something I am very happy to do most of the time, but I do have 3 other children and a husband- let alone myself- who have needs that need to be met!

Some of JT's favorite things to do right now are playing with his feet! In November, I was telling John, " I wonder when JT is going to notice his feet?" I had tried getting his attention with them, playing foot games,etc. but JT couldn't have cared less. Now, it seems God heard my little request, and JT LOVES FEET! Whenever he has the chance, he is chewing on his toes, trying to pull off his socks, and chewing on his socks as well. When I change is diaper, up the legs go and both hand grip tight to his little feet :) It's a cute little stage to enjoy.

This month I have also found a food JT isn't in love with- green beans! He has had green beans several times and every time I have given them to him he fusses and expresses displeasure with me serving this veggie. I decided to be a nice Mom and I am giving him a bit of a break from eating them this month, but plan to keep trying every few weeks. They say you have to sometimes eat something as many as 10 times to "appreciate" the taste. I hope he comes around and like the green beans as they are my favorite vegetable- but I didn't start liking them until I was in my twenties. So I won't push too hard :)

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