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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

is my two front teeth! I'm sure you all remember that song from your childhood, I sure do! Well, JT is the perfect image for that song this year!

A few weeks ago his first two teeth sprouted up through his gums. It was a slightly painful process for him as they both decided to come up together. A little Tylenol, lots of chewing toys and many drool bibs helped the process along.

I have been trying like crazy to get some pictures of his new teeth to post, but up until a few days ago he wanted nothing to do with my request. Now, he has begun to smile this goofy smile and proudly displays his two front teeth :)

JT's time of being out of misery from teething was short lived as his top 2 are heading on down. His poor little gums are swollen and you can see where one corner is trying to break ground. Poor little fella! Enjoy JT's cheesy smiles!

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