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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forks & Straws

     In trying to keep the painting fun, I thought I'd let JT and Finn paint with some more unusual items last week- Straws and plastic forks. I like using different types of tools since a paintbrush or foam brush tends to create a similar result at this age.

 I let JT and Finn select 2 colors of paint apiece for them to share- 2 shades of blue, brown, and purple were the choices of the day.

 Straw painting

 Lots of dipping going on....

 JT figuring out what the fork can create.

 I'd say Finn had a lot of paint to work with here ;)

 The straw ended up being used much like a paintbrush.

As you know from previous posts, I try to get an "after" shot of both boys of their creation. They are quite used to that and will almost on cue pick up their art work and pose for me. However, capturing that perfect smile can take a bit of trial and effort with these 2 year old boys..
Take 1-  Looks like JT smelled something foul and Finn is talking mid-word here..

 Take 2- Finn cheesing it up...

Take 3- both boys smiling at the same time! Perfect!

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