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Friday, March 23, 2012

Golden State

     John has been travelling most of this month for work- we here at the Apedaile house have missed him very much and are looking forward to his return later today. JT has been exclaiming, "Daddy's coming home tomorrow/today!!!"  for the past 2 days. It will be a most welcome reunion.

     Since I'm not one to advertise that my husband is out of town, I wanted to wait to make this blog post. Last week, John's travels brought him back to California for most of the week. Though no where close to either of our families, he enjoyed the brief visit to our home state. John spent the large majority of his time working, he had some fantastic benefits of being back in the Golden State.

 This was the first photo I received after John touched down. His rental car- a Mustang convertible! I thought he was playing a joke on me and snapping random photos in the parking lot at LAX. Nope, my man rode in style- with the top down all week!

 How's this for a room with a view? John's hotel was right on the marina in San Pedro. Beautiful!

 Then for his first meal he went to what our entire family was talking about once we know he was going to Califorinia- In N Out!!! It is simply THE BEST hamburger chain in the U.S. that we have encountered. Too bad the farthest east In N Out is in right now is Texas.

 This is what I'm talking about. Double Double Animal Style(grilled onions and special sauce) Simply the best burger around!

 Then on John's last night in town, he found the impossible- Me N Eds!!! This is my favorite pizza place by far. Why is was an impossible find is this chain is mainly located in the Central Valley of California, where we used to live. However, John just happened to find this one using his GPS on a drive around the Long Beach area. Come to find out, this location is one of the original franchises and has been around for some time- and it was packed according to John.

This shot makes my mouth water and I can nearly smell and taste this wonderful pizza. I can't describe why it tastes so good, but it just does. I know they have a distinctive cracker bread style crust that is crunchy yet soft inside which I think makes me love their pizza so much.

 Can't forget the beautiful California coastline!

John drove a bit up/down Highway 1, which runs along the California coast line with beautiful views. Though it was an overcast day, so nice for John to be able to sink his feet in the sand.

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