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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sink Time

     This past weekend, JT discovered a new area to explore and play- the kitchen sink! Some dishes had just been washed and he saw the bubbly water and asked if he could wash his cars. Why not?!? JT assembled a little container full of cars, trucks, and airplanes to be cleaned. After placing a few towels down for damage control, sink time fun began!

 JT loved using the sponge and scrub brush to clean all of his vehicles.

 "Mater" getting a careful rub-down.

 After the cars were clean, JT would place them on the towel on the side of the sink.

Having a blast! JT has played in the sink every day since! It can get a bit messy with the water, but he gets such enjoyment from playing, it doesn't bother me one bit :) Now if I could get him to "play" with the pots and pans in the sink... I could be on to something ;)

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