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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Sledding

While we were home bound (actually we still are) from the ice/snow storm that hit us yesterday, we managed to have some fun- sledding! We bundled everyone up, gathered our sleds and tubes, and headed out!

 Lindsay, JT, Courtney and her 2 friends from club ball, Emma and Sophia.

 We all waked up to the top of the hill where there were several groups from the neighborhood sledding already.

 The 3 amigos did the first run.

 Hilarious how all 3 turned the same direction! Most of what you see on the street is about a 2-3 inch layer of ice covered by a thin layer of snow.

 Lindsay and JT using the double tube.

 Heading toward the curb. 

Thank you kind neighbor for the extra push!
 *Note that fallen tree on the right side of the photo- that was a large piece of what I will be blogging about tomorrow.

 People would line up at the top of the hill and wait their turn to go next. Spotters would be mid way (where I took the pic) and toward the bottom to warn for any crazy people driving or to warn for any of the sledders coming down.

 Courtney and Sophia heading down.

 Lindsay and JT loving this fun afternoon.

 My two #1 men!

 These little sleds proved very successful on the driveways and slopped yards. 

 Helping JT to aim him sled.

 Go JT!!!

Wipe out!

When we were ready for some dinner and warm hands, we headed back up to our beautiful Oak that stands proud in our front yard.

JT getting his 1st sled action.

The moisture in the air made for a bit of blur,but check out Lindsay and JT on the double tube!

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