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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

Love is in the air today at the Apedaile6 house. We have been spending some time together and getting ready to play some family games. I wanted to squeeze this post in before the day ended though.

JT had his first Valentine's Day celebration at his school on Friday. He did some heart activities and passed out his cards. For some reason, his school only allows 2 parties per year and those are used for Halloween and Christmas. No clue why, but that's how it's done at his school. 

Last weekend we went to the store to pick out what cards JT wanted to hand out to his classmates.

There were probably at least 50 different options and it took quite a while for JT to narrow it down to a smaller group. 

JT trying to make his final choice. He had so many on the floor that an employee asked if we needed help- ha ha.

JT ended up choosing one card for the boys and one for the girls. The girls choice for JT was easy- "Frozen! All the girls sing the songs from the movie every day, Mommy."

 JT was read with his list and ready to address his cards.

 Love these puffed up cheeks as he's focusing.

 Obligatory smile for Mom.

The boys cards came with Angry Birds pencils. Getting a new pencil has been a new treat for JT recently. He gets very excited to get a new pencil.

 This is the look a 5 year old give when asking for a simple photo of your Valentine's Day bag from school. It was the end of a long day and JT was playing hard at his after school program. Posing for photos wasn't what he had in mind.

 Or the 5 year old can give you the most insincere smile. It looks pretty painful to me.

 All of the cards!

 There were some cute items in his bag.

 I mustache you a question....

 Will you be my Valentine?

JT brought home this cute worksheet he completed in class.

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