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Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice Storm 2015

We had been expecting the largest snow storm Middle Tennessee had seen in probably 10 years. It's been almost 5 since we've had any measurable snowfall over an inch. Everyone in our area awaited in eager anticipation to wake up to a winter wonderland this morning. The forecast had said anywhere between 3-10 inches. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. Instead, our day was greeted with nasty sleet and freezing rain-lots of it.

John's usual Monday morning flight out for work was cancelled and the kids were already off school for Presidents Day. Courtney had some friends from volleyball spend the night, so they were ready to hit the slopes to sled.

 Bundled up and ready to look for the perfect spot for icy sledding.

They found a nearby neighbors yard with with the perfect sloped hill.

Emma and Sophia ready to go!

A video of Courtney and Sophia catching some speed.

 Everything encapsulated in ice looks beautiful. These were taken around mid-day. It's continued to rain/sleet/ and lightly snow most of the day.

 Our plant life is taking a beating with the weight of the ice.

 A burst of warm color among the frigid landscape.

 Our backyard. The beech trees have lost several small branches from the weight of the ice.

 Our evergreens are looking to be the most at risk so far. Praying they survive the storm.

Despite the threat of breaking branches and storm,we have managed to have our power on the entire day. It's going to be a very long week of record breaking cold temps, even colder than today. I'll post an update to let you see how everything held up.

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