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Monday, January 18, 2010


Now that JT has 4 teeth-quickly working on making it 8- he has this cheesy smile he like to give to us. Speaking of getting teeth, the poor little guy is drooling like crazy! It's difficult to capture on film since its just a quick little face he makes. Here are a few pictures showing his developing smile.

Look I have 4 teeth!
Look at the long trail of drool!
The ultimate cheesy grin- little bit of wrinkly
nose. Lindsay's smile is lovely :)

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  1. Lindsay, I know you love your baby brother! He is so precious! It has been fun watching you grow older, soon to be a 7th grader. You are a wonderful girl and I have enjoyed having you on school bus #448! Alway keep Christ Jesus 1st in your life, and you will always be blessed, and a blessing!!
    Love and prayers,
    Mrs. Becky Sanders