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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big Freeze

The girls were very excited to have Friday off as a result of the "big snowstorm". I'm not sure exactly how much snow we officially had, but guessing somewhere in the 1-2 inch range. Our temperatures have been so darn cold that many of the roads have ice and are not safe for the buses to travel on.

Friday brought more snowfall, soft, off and on throughout the day. The girls were so happy and they were able to build a snowman and play around more outside. Their friend Catherine came over again and she helped to build the snowman and play in the frigid weather. With the windchill, it was probably around 10 degrees at the warmest part of the day. No thanks!

For those of you who don't live here and don't visit when it gets this cold, here is something that happened every winter here. The first winter we were here, I thought it was so cool looking. It still impresses me. Most of our area has a lot of limestone, to the point where you have to blast whenever you want to do construction. Anyhow, the rocks either hold water in them or when it rains and freezes, there are big icicles that hang from the limestone. Big clusters of them. Here is a picture of some from the backyard of one of our friends house.

Now here on Sunday evening, we found out that the girls have yet another snow day tomorrow! This is due to in some of the northern parts of our county, the roads are still unsafe to drive on, so the entire county has closed the schools for one more day. Every year the have up to 13 "weather/illness" days to use and so far this is the most we have have in one stretch. Never used more than maybe 4 each year since we have been here.

The girls have had only 2 school days in the past 4 weeks since they had Christmas vacation from December 18th - January 4th. I think they will be returning to school Tuesday. I just hope it warms up a bit!

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