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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow Ball

This past weekend Sarah attended her first formal dance. Beech High School held the Snow Ball, the first winter formal for the school in almost 10 years.

Sarah decided to go solo with a group of girlfriends. She said she would have much more fun being with her friends than having to worry about dancing with a guy and all the stupid things that goes along with boy stuff. Worked for us- one less thing to worry about :)

So she and I headed out to find a suitable dress. The dance was actually being called a semi-formal, so I guess not full out fancy, tu-tu type ball gowns, but kind of dressy. Sarah had a vision in mind, so out we went just she and I, so no distractions with JT or younger sisters giving their opinion on which dress looked best. The first store we went to we found several dresses that fit the bill, so Sarah tried on almost a dozen at that store and narrowed it down to one favorite pretty quickly. This is a tall feat for Sarah, as she is the queen of indecisiveness.

We couldn't just buy that dress and call it a day, no! We had to go to at least 4-5 more stores to make sure nothing else could top the one on hold at store #1. So we went and looked and looked, but nothing held a candle to the original dress Sarah loved. After buying a pair of very tall black heels- her 1st pair- we returned to store #1 and bought THE DRESS.

The evening of the Snow Ball, Sarah and 3 other friends met at Chili's to eat dinner. Afterward, they went to the Ball and danced their shoes off, literally. Sarah said dancing in the heels killed her feet and she took them off. She is a smart one, yes? Then once the Ball was over they all headed back to Delaney's for a sleepover. They did what teen girls do and had a blast together. Then the next morning, Paige and Sarah got up in time to make it to church together. Sarah was very tired Sunday afternoon, but she had the 3 day weekend of MLK Jr. to recover. She is now looking forward to her first Prom this spring.

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