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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Our first born is celebrating her 17th Birthday today! Sarah Nicole entered the world 17 years ago at 2:17am. We were all so anxious to meet her as she was quite the stubborn one to make her debut. Her due date was 11 days earlier, January 23rd. I remember with such clarity the agony each day that crept by without so much as a labor pain. The people in the stores who would ask, "When are you due?" and my reply would be, " Eight days ago..." But alas, she did come with the help of induction of my Dr. Even that event was long! A total of 20 1/2 hrs of labor which included walking, breaking my water, walking, pitocin, walking, and finally Sarah's birth!

John, myself, and my Mom who was in the room, were all so tired, but so elated to meet our firstborn.

I guess I am so sentimental with Sarah's birthday this year because I know that her time with us, living together is limited and nearing the end. Almost daily we are looking at different college brochures and information. Sarah's interest so far are in colleges' that are a bit away from here- maybe 2-4 hours. She isn't one to want to fly the coop to escape her parent's (that's what I tell myself-LOL), she just feels led to where she is going to get the best education, college life, while not being too far away from "home".

I can't believe this is her last year as a "minor". Next year she will be my equal as adult status with more responsibilities and freedoms. That thought just blows my mind! I feel that even though she is such a level headed young woman, I haven't finished raising her. It feels like sand running through your hands and desperately trying to keep it from sliding through your fingers. I know in reality I will always be Sarah's Mom and have lessons to teach and wisdom to share regardless of her age. It's just a bit bittersweet seeing my baby grow up.

So I am going to do my best to cherish each and every moment Sarah has with us in our home. From all of the hot cups of tea we drink, the review of schoolwork, mother/daughter talks, and even the occasional teen drama I will do my best to enjoy this season of our lives. Sorry for the sappy content today, just a mother's love for her children being put down for memory. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Love you.

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