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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday's Red Robin Style

Red Robin has some of the best burgers this side of the Mississippi! The Apedaile family was very happy when we had a local chain open up in our area about 2 years ago. For us, it was a taste from the West Coast coming to greet us here in the South. If we could only figure out how to get a In-N-Out here.... we miss those even more!
With our 2 Feburary birthday's we decided to cash in on the 2 free burger's Sarah and John received for being signed up for the Birthday Club at Red Robin's.
It was a fun time with the whole Apedaile6- we haven't really gone out to eat much since JT was born. JT was good and had a few bites of bun. John and Sarah received birthday sundae's and balloons. A big benefit of these birthday's was that our tab was less than $20 before tip! Won't see that again until next year with a family of 6! Afterward we came home and ate frosted brownies as Sarah is not a fan of cake. I think this picture is great! It looks like John is thinking, "Not another year older...." and Sarah laughing in reply, "Yep old man! Iv'e got plenty more....."

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  1. That's an awesome b-day - we LOVE Red Robbin, too!! and on our trip out to CA we were able to eat at an In-n-Out, too - it met our expectations because a lot of people told us to go there - Hendersonville would be ever better if they had one - agreed!!