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Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Boy Seat

The time has come to bid adieu to the infant carrier! Goodbye old friend, JT has grown too big to safely use it any more.

A few months ago, I had looked over the choices available at Babies R Us and thought I had narrowed it down to a select group. So this past weekend, we brought JT along to test sit some of the front runners to see how he fit in them.

The main thing to consider was did we want a seat that could possibly last until he is old enough to ride with just a seat belt- that is it converts to a booster seat down the road, or did we like a car seat that didn't have that option? After trying out 3-4 seats and looking over the specifics, weight limits, safety, styling, we decided on the Safety 1st Complete Air car seat. What really sold us on this model was it has this great airbag like technology in the head and hip area, for extra safety for side impact crashes. That along with the fact that this has one of the highest weight limits to keep JT rear facing- 40 pounds! From what I've read a toddler/child is 75% more likely to not sustain injuries (perhaps just head/serious) if they remain rear facing at least until age 2. With this higher weight limit, he will be able to remain there for 2 years and then some if we choose for added safety.

The main challenge was installing the seat in the van! I'm sure something all parents can relate to. It wasn't difficult to install, but more difficult in getting the seat into the correct angle since it's rear facing. A great trick we found to help was using some extra yoga blocks to lift the front up to where it needed to be.

JT is loving his new seat so far. He has extra space to be more comfortable, but we are so happy that he is well protected :) Here are a few snapshots of his new seat:

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