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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Invention Convention Champ

This week Lindsay was a part of the regional Invention Convention at MTSU. Her entry, along with a few other classmates, were selected from many other 6th graders from her school to compete.

This all started out as an assignment in her science class a few months ago. She had the choice of inventing a new game or a product to help make life easier with a spending limit of $15 for materials. After some thought and discussion, she came up with the idea of the Shopping Buddy. It is a device that can be secured to a shopping cart, or buggy as some folks call it here, and it can hold a sippy cup, a snack cup, and has two straps to hold toys. It was geared to help parents shop easier so their babies/child would have all of their common needs met in one place.

At MTSU, there were at least 60 other students with entries. There were a panel of judges who went from student to student asking questions and looking at their inventions. Even before the judging started, Lindsay was interviewed by the college news! I think this helped get some of her nerves out and feel more comfortable talking about the Shopping Buddy.

Once it was time for the awards, we were so excited to hear the announcement that Lindsay placed 3rd overall for her entry!!! She received a trophy for her efforts. It was great to see my creative child's innovation be recognized in an official manner. Congrats Lindsay!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Lindsay!
    This is a fantastic idea!! Great job!!!
    Aunt Cathy :)