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Friday, February 12, 2010

8 Months, 8 Teeth

Another month has passed and our sweet baby is beginning to emerge into more of a little person each and every day.

One of his funny faces- cheesy smile. He wrinkles his nose up and just hams it up big time! Cracks us up every time!

JT is now fully mobile and he is pretty darn quick! Like I had in a previous post, JT loves crawling in, around, under, and on top of things. His personal favorite is the fireplace area- you know the area with about a 10 inch tall stone bottom/ledge- yep, he goes to that area over and over and over! I just picture him slipping his arm and then bonking his chin on the stone so I pick him up over and over and over. Or I sit there and hold him safely as he slaps the stonework ledge. The fun thing is JT loves being able to follow us from time to time down our long hall. I feel kinda guilty, like I'm calling the dog or something. "Come here JT, come to Mommy." as I clap my hands enticing him to follow me.

With his 8 teeth, I'm hoping that we are done with teething until his 1st molars come in around 12 months. Poor guy doesn't do teething very well- he fusses, chews, and drools a lot! JT is still a drooling machine for some reason. Hope that resolves soon, I make the poor baby wear bibs almost all the time because he gets his shirts soaking wet otherwise. We never had this problem with the girls.

My sweet baby is also becoming a "Mamma's Boy" now. He has now figured out how to do the "nose-dive" reaching for Mommy when John or the girls are holding him and I walk by. It is pretty darn cute to see I must admit. I figure he does this because we spend so much time together- and he loves me the most :p

Food is still an adventure- never quite know how he's going to take his veggies. Some days great, others not so hot. JT never fails to miss his fruits though. He loves sweet stuff! We are now slowly beginning to introduce a few more solid type regular food- a few bits of Kix cereal, crackers, mashed potatoes,etc. He is enjoying the new textures and tastes.

We are all enjoying watching JT learn, explore, and develop. We are blessed to have him in our family and equally blessed to have great big sisters to guide him as he grows!

Now that he crawls, he moves about in his crib and gets into pretzel like shapes when sleeping! Night, Night Sweet Baby!

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