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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best Baking

At Courtney's school ,the 4th and 5th grades have 4 H club every month in their classrooms. This is required and every month there is a different task they complete that counts as a grade in a particular subject, depending on what is being done.

This month one of the tasks was to bake biscuits from scratch. This was to count as a math grade as they had to find a recipe and follow the directions (measurement, fractions). The biscuits could have different "mix-ins" but no additional toppings were allowed. The students made the biscuits at home and brought their best 3 for judging in class by the 4H adult teacher, Miss Dawn.

Courtney looked over recipes on the Internet and decided on one that she could mix in cinnamon. Courtney chose her best 3, wrote her recipe down, and headed off to school. To our delight, Courtney returned home that afternoon with a 3rd place ribbon for her entry!!! She was beaming with excitement of the good news.

She now has the option to enter her biscuits in the County level of competition against all the other 5th grade winners. That happens the 1st weekend of March, so we still have a bit of time to decide if we are going to do that. Here is a few picture of Courtney's winning entry. There is extra cinnamon sugar on for Court to eat for her snack, the top biscuit is what the official one looks like.

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