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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Got Ark?

God said he wouldn't ever flood the Earth again, but he never mentioned that local flooding wouldn't occur! Here in the Nashville area over the past 18-24 hours we have received anywhere between 8-12 inches of rain! This is the most rain the area has had in over 30 years. Unfortunately, its still raining! Expecting it to rain all day here as well, so who knows what the final tally will be.

There are many reports of people being stuck, stranded, and flooded out of their homes. Thank God for us as of right now, Sunday morning, the Apedaile6 are safe at our house. When I got up this morning, I took some pictures and video to capture the force of this storm. Please continue to pray for the people of this area-much destruction and devastation everywhere.

This poor little robin is just trying to stay dry and find some food! Should be plenty of worms!

Video to be posted later....

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