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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah's Big Week

This past week was a very eventfull for our oldest, Sarah.

Not going in order, but probably of the most importance (in my eyes at least!) Sarah has her AP U.S.History exam. This exam determines if she will get the college credit she has worked so hard for all year long. It doesn't matter how hard, how well, what grades she earned during the entire school year- it all boils down to 1 test! Talk about pressure!!!

Sarah had been studying for her "APUSH" test for several weeks. Reading, taking practice tests, doing practices essays in class, more reading, preparing flash cards, and yet again MORE reading! Sarah so impressed both John and myself for the discipline she has toward school. I can't think of a time where we have ever told her to go study or do her work. Its just something God so graciously blessed her with. Her test for APUSH was Thursday morning from 8-12- yes a four hour test!!! I know she had a big weight lifted when she completed that test. Crazy thing is, she won't get the results until mid July!!! I guess it takes time for the judges to read over all of the tests as there were 3 written portions in addition to multiple choice.

The first major event of the week is Sarah got her Driver's License!!! She took the test Wednesday morning. John took her early to become familiar with the testing area, its about 30 minutes from here. I waited at home nervous, praying she wouldn't fail. It only took about 10 minutes for the test and she passed!!! The only thing the examiminer told John is that she was a bit cautious after they went around a dumpster, but she would rather her be cautious than wreckless. Amen to that! So now, we have new found freedom for Sarah. To me, I feel more of my child slipping away and growing up- snif . While that is true, I am so excited for Sarah.

Lastly Sarah had her first prom this weekend!!! I think the most fun event capped off a pretty stressful week. Sarah looked absolutly beautiful in her strapless floral short dress. It looked so youthful and fun! We had a great time painting nails, applying sunless spray as to not be too pale, and then she had her friend, Marki, come over to help with hair and makeup. Sarah's date Doug looked handsome and did a great job with matching tie and vest to the color of the flowers in Sarah's dress. We took lots of pics here, then they went back to Doug's for pics there, then off to downtown for group pics with some friends, and then finally off to dinner with yet a different group of friends! They had a great time at the Prom and then around midnight when it ended, a group of them came back to our house for some after Prom fun, games, and food. We did send the boys packing around 3 am though :)

The next day Sarah and Doug become "facebook official". For those of you not in the know, that means they are now boyfriend/girlfriend and it says on each of their facebook profiles "in a relationship with Sarah Apedaile"- well Doug's says that! LOL! I hope I'm not being too embarrassing to Sarah by putting it out here on our blog, but I did want to capture this moment for me to remember. Doug is all a parent could wish for their daughter- smart, plays sports, in student council, and above all else loves God! I hope these two enjoy their time together :)

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  1. Oh, Sarah, you looked so beautiful for prom! Doug is very handsome, too. I am glad that you are enjoying your high school years. I think a lot of you and your family. You are precious and I am so thankful that you love the Lord God and are a great example of true Christianity! Always live by Proverbs 3:5&6, and your life will be full, and a blessing!
    Love and prayers,
    Becky Sanders (Bus #448)