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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last month of babyhood

May marks the last month JT will officially be called an infant. This time next month after we celebrate his 1st birthday, he will move on to being a toddler- but he will always be my "baby" :)

John Thomas continues to be the master walker now, with almost all aspects of crawling gone. He now can get to a standing position from the floor by squatting up- no need to use furniture or the wall to assist him. He is also now quite quick at his walking.

I don't really have any idea of how much he weighs or how tall he is right now- his next well check will be after he turns 1. I'm guessing that he's at least 25 pounds though.

Since having his ear tubes placed a little over a month ago, we have seen JT's verbal abilities continue to improve. He babbles nonsense much more than before- a huge blessing and sign that his hearing has improved. JT's non verbal communication is progressing. He can now give kisses when asked- nice big open mouth slobber ones--He can also play peek a boo and imitate us when we do arms raised in the air. One of my favorite things he does right now is he will either crawl up to a pillow on the ground, or walk to the edge of the couch and place his head down like he's sleeping. He flashes this sweet smile at us like he knows how adorable he's being right then!

Here are some pictures showcasing some of JT doing life

This video is of JT walking on our trampoline for the first time.

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