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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo Shoot and Books

I attempted to have a little home version of a photo shoot to capture JT at 11 months. I enjoy doing this from time to time and I really thought JT was looking so cute in his little polo this day. However, my busy baby boy was not in the mood to sit still and pose for Mommy. I did manage to get some good shots, which do capture the very essence of JT- on the move all the time, cheesy open mouth smiles, and squeals.

JT did slow down for a bit to read some books. This month he really started to take greater interest in reading. I love it! This has been something that has always been a big part of our family- daily reading of books from a young age. JT might chew on his books more than look at them, but he will sit quietly on our laps for several shorter books each day and listen to the story and look at the pictures. Some of his current favorites are Goodnight Moon, Father and Son, and picture books for babies.

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