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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting over fears

    About a month ago, JT had his first big accident on his bike. If you remember, he had a large gash under his chin that required a trip to the ER. In the few weeks after his accident, JT was avoiding going on any bike rides like he does on a nearly nightly basis.

     After about 2 weeks, I started asking if he wanted to go on a bike ride and he would say he would like to go on a Big Wheel or ATV ride. Basically anything but the balance bike.  I would ask if we could go on a balance bike ride and he would get pretty timid and say No, he didn't want to crash down any more big hills. Understandable, but it made me feel pretty sad for how fearful he was of something that has brought him so much enjoyment over the past year.

     Last week, I decided to push JT out of his comfort box and require a small bike ride to help him realize that while accidents will happen from time to time, that doesn't need to allow us to be filled with fear. We talked about not going down the big hill that the accident happened and ways to move to either slow down. After lots of reassurance, JT was ready!

Helmet strapped on and ready to start his ride.

He went on a short ride through the neighborhood and visited the lion statues that are by a neighbors garage door.

Towards the end of the walk, JT was feeling like a strong, big boy.

When he realized he could ride his bike and glide down some small hills, he declared a big "YES! I did it Mommy!"

To update on how his chin is healing- After the glue and steri-strips came off the cut formed a scab and healed a bit further.

He is now the proud owner of his first scar. It reminds me of those generic birds that kids often decorate their drawings with when they are young(flip this image to see the "bird") I've been applying scar ointment to it in effort to help it fade a bit. Thankfully it is under the chin and not very noticeable.

     While the first ride post accident was a success, we still have a way to go. The bike isn't JT's go to for after dinner walks/rides and he still talks about not wanting to crash. With his family of cheerleaders, I'm sure it will continue to get better.

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