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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


     While Lindsay and Courtney were having fun at camp, John and I took the remaining half of our kids to see a movie. While driving to the theater, we realized that this would be JT's first movie to see in a theater. Is that a sad statistic or just a parent who knows their child? It was only in recent months that JT would show interest in a movie for more than 5-10 minutes and I figured if we were going to shell out the big bucks for a real deal experience, we should wait until he was ready. Turns out, the timing was perfect!

JT was very excited to find out where our little outing was taking him. When he saw this huge display in the lobby, he asked to have his picture taken. He also decided he wanted to see this movie- along with any other that had the Disney/Pixar feel to it. This day we were seeing Monsters University.

Absolutely horrible photo, but since the theater was dark I had to use the dreaded iPhone flash. The one that basically blinds you and anyone in the surrounding area. I had taken one more, but of course that was blurry and I didn't realize it until we were home.

JT loved his kid snack pack with popcorn, little gummy treat, and a Monsters University drink. The best part about this snack pack is it was only $3 and it was refillable! The drinks ranged from tea, to lemonade, soda, and JT's choice, a blueberry slushie. Fun treat for this first timer.

JT had his seat partner, Daddy, right next to him.

We even managed to get our little patient, Sarah, out for her first major outing post surgery. She was only 5 days post op here and did fantastic. We propped up her leg on the adjoining seat and as you can see, loaded her up on a bunch of junk to eat. That was actually the stash for the entire family and brought home a good portion of it.

JT sat through the entire movie and in classic young child mode, would respond loudly to the characters or action on the screen. It was precious. The movie was good and it will be on our list of "must purchase" when released to DVD. There are several more movies this summer that might make the list for JT's next movies and I'm sure he will enjoy the experience even more now that he knows what to expect.

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