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Friday, June 28, 2013

Rubber Band Painting

     This week, we had an art activity that was a MUST to do outdoors. You will understand why very shortly. Since it's been pretty warm, we found the perfect spot under the shade of a tree.

Ella modeling our activity- Rubber Band painting. I used a cookie sheet, covered it in parchment paper(easy clean up) , placed a white piece of paper down, stretched rubber bands across the sheet, and then added 3-4 paint colors that each child selected.

After getting our art smock shirt on, it was time to snap to their hearts desire!

The result was unique for each child.

Ella loved snapping the rubber bands but would hold up her messy fingers worried about all the paint. A quick wipe in the grass took care of that until we were finished.

Mason loved pulling his bands up pretty high.

He would also pull it off to the side a bit which created a lot of splatter.

This delighted Mason and he was cracking up as the paint splattered on his shirt and face.

JT got up close and personal with his project.

After a while, he took to lounging on his side as he snapped away.

Since he's my son, I made him pause for a proper smiling shot.

Finn was probably the most animated of all the artists.

He snapped fast and furious.

When Finn and JT were finished I had to capture their messy faces. I was the only person out there with them, so where exactly they were looking was beyond me- ha ha!

I just realized that JT was in the perfect shirt for the day- he was my mess maker!  I loved this fun and new approach to painting and the kids loved it!

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