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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Boy

     The blog has been taking a bit of a backseat as my poor computer had reached its max capacity thanks to my thousands of photos I have uploaded over the past several years. We have been backing up the photos to an external drive to free up space for new memories to be stored.

     A little over a week ago, our little guy celebrated his 4th birthday! Hard to believe how quickly 4 years have gone by when I reflect for a few moments. JT was particularly excited for his birthday since we would be going to church and seeing many of his friends. We decided to buy some treats for JT to share with his class for his big day.

We also got JT a Birthday Boy pin which he proudly displayed.

We would declare to anyone that would make eye contact, "It's my birthday!"

 After church, we let the JT choose where we would eat lunch.  McDonald's isn't my top choice, but for little ones Ronald means fun.

The main reason JT chose McDonald's was for the Play Place. His sisters brought him to this newly remodeled McD's when we were on vacation and JT had a lot of fun. This little thing was like a stable pogo stick.

Silly faces in the mirror.

Enjoying his special day with his Daddy.

 Time for presents!

 Opening the present required tongue sticking out concentration.

 A new Thomas play set!

 Love his cute face here!

 The pirate ship folds out to a nice track area, complete with hidden treasures and skulls.

 JT has been playing with his new set daily.

 Sarah's boyfriend, MJ, got a large and small Monster Jam trucks for JT. 

JT had one big gift from Mommy and Daddy. Ripping off the cover to reveal...

A big ATV!!! This is a battery powered ATV that has a low, high, and reverse. We scored a deal on craigslist on this toy and were so excited for the savings.

 Since we had just a family celebration, we let JT choose a little cake. 

 Cars was his top choice this year.

 Tooting his horn.

 Getting those 4 fingers trained for a new year. More like holding Mr. Thumb in ;)

 Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday. Love JT's sly smile as he's looking at John.

 Take a deep breath....

 make a wish.....

 and BLOW!!!

We had a fun day celebrating our little guy turning four. Looking forward to what new adventures this year holds.

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