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Monday, June 3, 2013

Cruise time fun

   During our days at sea, there was still plenty of things to do- besides eating. While we enjoyed the 24 hr pizza and soft serve ice cream, we managed to entertain ourselves.

 There was an 18 hole miniature golf course on the ship.

 Most of the holes were a par 2 or 3, but they were lots of obstacles to putt around/through. John and I went back and forth leading during our match, but in the end it ended up with a TIE!

We also spent quite a bit of time at the Water Works area. Here you can see the Drainpipe slide.

 There were also 2 open air "racing" slides.

Another closed tube slide called the Twister and a small area for children to slide and play.

Here is a video of me going down the race slide. It's short, quick, but lots of fun. 

This is a video of the Drainpipe. First part is when John goes down the slide himself, then he waited at the bottom to record my exit. It's kinda crazy how you drop down from several feet up, but the circling the "drain" is a ton of fun.

 After our activities, we relaxed in the Serenity adults only area. 

It has special and more cushy loungers, mini couches, and it's secluded from most of the noisy ship activity. It was pure bliss. John and I read books, enjoyed the sun, and even dozed for a bit.

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