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Friday, May 31, 2013

Say Cheese

     Being on vacation, we took a lot of photos. Since we were by ourselves, I didn't like pestering people to take our photos, I opted to take many selfies. It ended up being a source of humor as John and I would try to maneuver our arms to get a decent angle. Here are some of my favorites.

I almost always took a photo on our balcony every night before we headed out to dinner.

Humidity and sunset made for the soft glow effect.

Sometimes whoever was taking the photo wasn't looking at the lens. Too much to focus on- ha ha!

Wearing sunglasses solved that issue. Of course we are both looking at the camera ;)

My favorite silly photo. Surprised duck face.

Perhaps the quality of the photos improved when we asked someone to take a our picture. It wasn't as fun though.

At every port and during the two formal nights, there were ship photographers there to snap a photo. We waited until the last day to make our final selections. We ended up looking through a stack that was several inches high.

Here is what made the cut. There were others that were good, but we did have a budget to follow and these weren't the most economical things to buy.
I couldn't believe that I ended up liking this based on the background/props. I made fun of it every time we went to take photos there. A bit cheesy, but focus on the beautiful couple.

Probably my favorite of the ship photos. If you are my Facebook friend, you have already seen this as my profile pic.

Another successful lounge chair and red roses photo. *Sorry these are a bit blurry- it s a picture of a picture.

Another one of my favorites. This was taken during our dinner service one evening. Happy, in love, and enjoying our time together.

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