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Monday, May 20, 2013


     After our first day at sea, we woke up early to our ship arriving in Nassau. It was beautiful and warm.

This adorable white lighthouse greeted us as we made our final approach to our port. 

 Shots taken with our digital camera of the adorable lighthouse.

 The water was beautiful and varying shades of aqua and blue.

John giving a thumbs up to his wake up call. 

 It was a busy day in port with 4 other ships in addition to ours docking in Nassau.

 Our ship backed in to our slip.

 When we flipped around, we were able to get a look at the city.

Panorama shot with my phone.

Right after we disembarked. 

The famous Atlantis hotel in the distance. Since we were only in port for about about 5 hours, we opted not to buy any of the excursion trips to there. Maybe next time ;)

Instead, we walked the local beachfront shops and then headed down to a public beach.

 I was pretty giddy when I discovered the lighthouse at Junkanoo beach background shots.

My handsome hubby

Another tourist was kind enough to snap a photo of us at the end of the pier. 

My view for the next several hours. Not too shabby, huh?

Selfie at the beach!

Local police officer near the shops.

Nassau was beautiful and we had a relaxing first port.

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