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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saint Maarten

     Our third and final port was to the island of Saint Maarten. This is a unique island that has two sides- the Dutch, where we docked, and the French side. We were able to explore both sides and had a jam packed day! We discovered, from our taxi driver, that there are over 191 different cultures/nationalities represented in this 37 square mile island- crazy!

 Another early day to rise and watch the sun come up over Saint Maarten as we approached. Why can't these vacationing parents sleep in? 

 A development under construction near the shore. We came to learn from our taxi driver that people quickly discovered how much money could be made by making man made beachfront condos. See the large pile of white toward the left/center? That is TONS of sand that has been brought in to create a "beach" at the shoreline. There were a handful of developments like this scattered across the island. 

We had some fun activities that took up much of the day which I will be blogging about right after this post. This was when we were heading back toward the ship. 

The water was breathtaking! 

Our dock area off in the distance. We were docked with the massive Oasis of the Seas that day.

 After our days activities and heading back toward the ship, we did some browsing at this cute, open air shopping area.

 On the other side of the shops, there was a boardwalk with beach access. John waving to all the kids back home.

Coming up will be a hilarious photo that I had NO idea John had snapped until I uploaded the photos on the computer. I had swapped places with John to get a photo on the beachfront with the ships. Take a peek....

 Clueless Vic looking at her nails while a nearly naked couple walked a mere feet behind me! Not what I would call my ideal "suit" but whatever. I'm guessing they were European or just comfortable American's.

 Now that I was paying attention, I was ready for my shot.

 Our view from our balcony.

 Another fantastic port and be ready to read about our activities on Saint Maarten in the next few posts.

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